Man in the Mira

by PK Flyer

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PK Flyer is Paul Karner from Ragged Claws. This album was made from tracks exported from the Musyc App made by Fingerlab. There's a little guitar added as well. It was a little experiment in songwriting that was more rewarding in how clumsy and frustrating the basic premise initially seemed to be. Track 3 is the only track that I exported individual components and mixed around, the others were exported in their entirety from my iPhone. All the lyrics are from my heart.

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released November 13, 2013

All tracks created on Paul's Iphone
Vocals & Guitar: Paul
Engineering/mixing/mastering: Brian Sulpizio @ the Chateau
Cetus sketch by Kerry Ann Couch



all rights reserved


Ragged Claws Chicago, Illinois

Waffling between back beat dance hits, blistering atmospheric ballads, and spittoon-ringing americana Ragged Claws sinks everything into a groove melding catchy riffage with afro-rhythms and good ol' rock and roll.

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Track Name: Mira B
I am the voice of the beast in the sea, I'm burning in his throat
Mira expanding brightly, she's pulling me inside
I am not the star, I'm the floating mass outside
My orbit is paved, trodden, and laid to make me feel alive

Let me in and feel me pass,
If I'm not leaving, than I already have

I’m pulled to a darker time always forever tied
To the lonesome star inside my lonesome crowded mind
I’m your favorite acquaintance yet I’m an alright friend I guess
I’m a terror in bed and a husband you fled
I’m a boyfriend you’ll regret
I'm always tugging at my own sleeve – even harder as you plead
I was swallowed whole and now I’m the sounds choking the beast
Track Name: Oceansong
If love was a river ours was the sea
Lapping and purring it called to me
I knew the rhythm and I followed your lead
The waves were our voices and our footsteps heartbeats
I am shorebound and dreaming The sea is unchanging
Our love is what lies beyond –
an endless imagined sea

(the sun is a torch
the ocean is calm
the shore is forever
I’ll never be home)
Track Name: ME/EM
Bar’s been slow tonight but it froze when you came by
Float on by my side I’ll pour you a stein
You told me you're too old, but now we’re on the same time
I’ve been waiting here a while, and it seems just for your smile
It’s starting to get cold, and it makes one feel alone
Let’s go back to yours and drink what you got cause we both came here to go
We spoke of ancient woes and tickled our demons’ toes
You sank into my arms heavier as your cheeks rosed

Like sinner to the light I’m drawn to your side
But we always found ourselves stumbling through the night
Sometimes the song’s a lie – I’ve always loved your eyes
I also loved your body and everything inside
I am pulled to a darker time always forever tied
To the lonely star inside my lonesome crowded mind
Therein we reside in a room of my design
In a dream that I rewind when I’m stumbling thru the night
Track Name: Swampsong
If love was a river ours was a stream
Trickling and cooing it called to me
I chased the sounds and came to a pool
There your body sighed and smiled as I slid in next to you

The spring air was cool, the water - sun-warmed sweet and clear
We splashed while winking – our laughter replaced the crik’s coos
We fell asleep as summer stirred and the water stilled
Mosses muffled flowers and the insects ruffled you

(the sunight is moist
our pool is a bog
slithering worms and
slippery frogs)

Eyes glazed I’ve the smile of a drunk
I’m swimming in place insane in the muck
Then I woke up

(six years had past
and you were gone
covered in sweat
my bed is a swamp)
Track Name: Mira A
There’s a lonesome star
There's me floating slow
My orbit is long - close in slingshot out
I reach the ends but I’m pulled in again
Neon glowing pulses pulling always pulling
I feel my weight as I start spinning always spinning
If I could stand still for one moment reach the orbits peak
Where our hands while reaching almost meet
I reached for you and felt myself slipping free

A burst from behind – a flash of red light
I lost your hand
my star expands
I’m barreling back
The pull is like a choke
Ever stronger
Ever brighter
It’s all I can see